‘NATURALEZA’ started its journey in the year 2009. Starting with contract cultivation the organization specialized in delivery of Consultation of Cultivation, Delivery of Planting material, Supply of Organic Manure and Sale of Medicinal plants through various channels throughout India. In starting only cultivation of medicinal plants was our target area. By couple of months later of working in different diversified field and gathering experience and being expert we would be able to manage from land preparation till sale of products and materials. We gather the products like dry herbs, plant parts, and semi products.

Our Nature Of Work

We are going through the field of cultivation and consultancy on medicinal plant. Below mentioned points could through light on us who we are and nature of our work:

  • Land Preparation: Land preparation contains Soil testing, nature of soil, type of land. Irrigation system for the land is also designed in this part to avoid heavy raining and drought.

  • Supply of Quality Seed and Quality Planting Material: Quality seed provides quality and quantity yield. We purchase seeds and planting materials from various research Institutes, Reputed organization like forest departments, Cultivations with Good Agriculture Practice. We do provide planting material like Drafted Amlaki, Sarpagandha Plant, Bahera plants on bulk quantity.

  • Land Management: Different types of cultivation techniques are applied to maximization of yield. Like intercropping technique, mix technique.

  • Crop Management: Different types of medicinal plants are cultivated at the different season, different parts of India, Depending on various factors like-Soil condition, Weather condition, Season and Irrigation System. There are various factors in cultivation like supply of Labor; Supply of Cultivation tools are factors in this section. Collection of yield at the harvesting time for different crops is different. This study will help us to gather maximization of yield.

  • Pesticides: We do provide organic pesticides like Neem leaf dust, Neem seed Crust which are purely organic. Vermicompose is a organic manure and fertilize the land.

  • Nursery: Structure of Nursery and Nursery materials like Nets, Different types of pots, Tubs are provided by us.

  • Sale of Yields: We take 100% responsibility of sale of yield.

  • Consultation: From the time of Nursery, land preparation till yield we look after all the points above mentioned.

Our Gallery


Running Project :
1) Preparation of sion for grafted amla seedlings for West Bengal State Medicinal Plant Board, Kalyani, Nadia
2) Preparation of grafing for grafted amla seedlings for West Bengal State Medicinal Plant Board, Kalyani, Nadia

Our Association

Our association with various local markets and research institutes of India. We collect seeds and planting materials and do consultancy in various parts of India. The places and markets are below:

1. Ramakrishna Mission Ashram – Narendrapur

2. Director of cinchona and other medicinal plants, Mongpoo, Darjeeling.

3. Satmile Satish Club; Coochbehar NGO.

4. State Horticulture and Research Development Station, Krisnanagar,Nadia.

5. Barasat Jeeban Ashray Samiti: NGO.

6. Ballygaunge Science Colleges

7. Vivekananda international Health society

8. Nagpur: Available Drafted Amlaki, Drafted Orange, Safed Musli, Various types of flower and ornamental plants like – Palm tree, Rose.

9. Bangalore: Availability of Seed and Planting > material like Kalihari.

10. Delhi: Hub of Himalayan range Medicinal plants and raw materials like – Salam panja, Star anis, Shilajit etc.

Suppliers, Distributors and Exporters: We had wide range of contact with Suppliers, Distributors and Exporters for sale the yield.